Train To Neverland Melokolektiv & Konvex and the Shadow
  • Release Date 10 Nov 2014
  • Catalogue HWD52
Melokolektiv & Konvex AND The Shadow - Train To Neverland (Original Mix)
Melokolektiv & Konvex AND The Shadow - Train To Neverland (Smash TV Remix)
Melokolektiv & Konvex AND The Shadow - Reflections (Original Mix)
Melokolektiv & Konvex AND The Shadow - Reflections (Monkey Fish Remix)
  • Steve Lawler VIVa MUSiC
    Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks.
  • Marco Carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • Anthony Pappa Bedrock
    The best mix is the "Original Mix" of "Train To Neverland". Thanks.
  • Hot Since 82 Knee Deep In Sound
    Love these tracks. thanks
  • AFFKT Sincopat
    All the tracks are amazing but Smash Tv remix is Huge!
  • Kellerkind Stil Vor Talent
    nice release, thanks!
  • Edu Imbernon Eklektisch, Suara, Stil Vor Talent
    Great Release!!
  • DJ Tennis Life And Death
    Not bad at all.
  • Alexi Delano Plus8 / Visionquest / ADLimited
    Thank you!
  • Guy J Lost & Found, Bedrock
    Reflections is cool , thnx good luck
  • Nils Nuernberg Bedrock, Exploited
    Smash TV interpretation is awesome.
  • Purple Disco Machine OFF
    downloaded for purple disco machine, thanks !
  • Eelke Kleijn DAYS like NIGHTS
    great smash tv remix!
  • B.Traits BBC Radio 1
    downloading to consider for btraits radio 1 show
  • Martin Eyerer Kling Klong
    cool! Will play thx
  • Him_Self_Her Crosstown Rebels, OFF, Cream Couture
    Great ep package. Thanks
  • Spieltape Highway Records
    Amazing EP!
  • UGLH Get Physical, Witty Tunes
    Really nice music. Thanks
  • Robbie Akbal Get Physical / Culprit / No.19 / Akbal Music
    very nice record all around, originals for me!
  • Davide,Claudio DZNB
    Always big fans of Smash TV work, loving their mix!
  • Chris Fortier Fade Records
  • Vanilla Ace Toolroom, Club Sweat, Elrow, Nurvous, Box of Cats
    Smash TV remix and Relfections for me.
  • Sammy W & Alex E Toolroom, Sleazy G, Bunny Tiger
    Nice work, thanks
  • Swoy ( djebali ), Overall Music
    good release
  • Samuel Dan Suara, OFF
    really cool tracks, smash tv remix my fav, thanks!
  • Marc Poppcke Crossfrontier Audio, Last Night On Earth
    Great release guys. Full support!
  • Toky Saved, Noir Music, Defected, Strictly Rhythm
    really nice tnx !!!
  • Giom Z Records
    Very good release guys! And SMASH TV are the bizzzz
  • Maurice Aymard Galaktika, Moodmusic
    nice smash tv remix !
  • Maurice Aymard Galaktika, Moodmusic
    nice smash tv remix
  • Him_Self_Her Crosstown Rebels, OFF, Cream Couture
    Claire from HSH here - Great release guys! Smash TV remix is massive. Full support from us!
  • Da Funk Acryl Music
    both remixes for me. top stuff!
  • Echonomist Dessous, Soulfooled
    smasm tv remix for me also!
  • Take it Easy Jeudi, Exploited
    SMASH TV's Remix for me. <3
  • Namito Kling Klong, Great Stuff
    Thanks. Really nice EP.
  • Francys Poker Flat, Aeon, Soulfooled
    very nice release, diggin the whole ep here, cool stuff guys my favourite is the smash tv remix big up for kay & holger!
  • Mikhail Kostrov Radio Record
    Thanks,will support
  • German Brigante Get Physical
    smash tv remix is amazing......the complete is nice too
  • Patrick Podage Noir Music, Play It Loud!
    Beautiful tracks in here. Train To Neverland (Original) is my pick.
  • Kid Culture 20:20 Vision, 100% Pure, Suara
    Train to Neverland original and Smash TV are doing it for me. Straight in the bag!
  • Monaque Get Physical, Highway
    Love the Smash TV remix!
  • Derek Howell Bedrock, Hope, Global Underground
  • Balcazar & Sordo Get Physical, Hot Waves
  • Axel Bartsch Sportclub, Suol
    superb smash tv remix
  • Loverdose Nurvous
  • Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Records
    good one. thx for sending
  • Lorenzo Calvio Moodmusic
    Thanks I like it! Support.
  • JCB Raro Music, SQUAT3/4
    Monkey Fish remix for me, tnx.
  • Denis Agamirov Russian World Music (RWM)
    Nice! Original!
  • Da Lukas Rebirth, Hysterical/Ego, 303Lovers, Nite Groovers/King Street Sound.
    Great production! Smash tv rmx and Reflections original mix are my fave.
    Thanks a lot.
  • Cosmonaut
    thnx for the proper progressive sound!
  • Bronxy ÉTÉ
  • Konvex and the Shadow Off recordings / Get Physical
    Thanks for this !
  • Migova Noir Music, Kohdu Records, Brown Eyed Boyz
    Sounds great! Magic EP. Love all of four track. Thanks !
  • Dave Pad Anjunadeep / Highway / Electronique / Plastic City
    Great ep!Smash Tv remix is Huge! Thanks
  • Slow Crime Spaghetti Monster
    True music...good vibes!
  • Talking Props
    Cool tracks. Smash TV remix for me!
  • Terry Grant
    Neverland is dark and fun as hell. Cheers for this.
  • Dimitris Karatzaferis
    Nice pack love it
  • Maertz Konzentrisch Music
    Amazing EP again, thanks so much for sending. Support!!!
  • Alex Tea Citylow, FA>IE
    Very nice EP. Thanks!
  • Fabrice K
    Great pock !!! full support
  • Sahar Z Lost&Found, sudbeat, bedrock, renaissance, platenbank
    both remixs are good ! 10xs & goodluck
  • Darin Epsilon Perspectives Digital, Sudbeat, Global Underground, microCastle, Hope, Parquet, Selador
    Good remix work by Smash TV!
  • Driss Skali
    Love the smash tv remix !

    Will play for sure !
  • Sami Wentz Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Noir Music
    love it
    Smash TV rmx is the one!
  • Dilby Glasgow Underground / Mother Recordings /Bondage Music
    Both mixes of Train To Neverland are dope. Thx, Dilby
  • Dilby Glasgow Underground / Mother Recordings /Bondage Music
    Both mixes of Train To Neverland are dope. Thx, Dilby
  • Tom Pooks
    thx for promo
  • Kassey Voorn Bedrock, Sudbeat
    Great release guys, thanks
  • Anjei Thunderlab
    Smash Tv is on fire!
  • Chris Luzz Little Giant / Stranjjur
    smash tv remix and reflections original for me
  • Arkady Air Pleasure Garden Music
    I think I preferred remixes more than originals. Thank you !
  • Javier Benitez From The Other Side
    Train To Neverland Original is hot . Smash Tv Remix is very cool too .
    Love the melodies on Reflections Monkey Fish remix
  • Michael Gaidamaka in-visible
    Both Reflections are for me, thank you!
  • Larionov
    Full support! Thanks for the music!
  • Misha Federal Brostyle
    Brilliant EP, thx!
    Originals & Smash TV for me!
  • Misha Tune Particles / Minim.all
    Full Support!
  • DP-6
    Support Train to neverland original!
  • Max Popov Incepto Deep Rec / Microbios Rec
    my support
  • pdq
    downloaded for pdq
  • Toshie NouVal
    Monkey Fish Remix best for me! Thanx
  • Art Of Life Kindisch
    nice pack ! thxxx
  • OpenLab Radio
    Download for OpenLab Playlist Consideration
  • Igor Malyarevsky IM
    Nicely done! Will try the Original Mixes, thank you.
  • Stas Drive Suara, Selador, Chapter 24, Einmusika, Beatfreak, Microcastle, Sudbeat
    Relly great as always ! Thanks
  • Simon Deep
    Cracker all round .. Smash TV just drop the winner .. Thanks
  • Yuri Traffic Highway Booking
    Really feeling this release, big up! ©  Cookies Policy

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