Selekt 12 Various Artists
  • Release Date 27 Jul 2015
  • Catalogue HWD63
Mattia Pompeo - Aftermath (Original Mix)
Search DiP - Robot On The Floor (Original Mix)
Far Distance - Black Light (Original Mix)
Neonis - Orion (Original Mix)
  • Marco Carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • DJ Sneak I'm A House Gangster
    not for me
  • Guy J Lost & Found, Bedrock
    Far Distance for me thnx
  • Da Fresh Freshin, Toolroom, 1605, Suara
    Black Light is the one for me.
  • Spieltape Highway Records
    Great one!
  • Patrick Podage Noir Music, Play It Loud!
    Aftermath is my pick here. Thanks
  • Marc Poppcke Crossfrontier Audio, Last Night On Earth
    Great sampler. Will definitely play some of the tracks. Full support!
  • Demarzo
    Cheers guys. My favourite is Aftermath x
  • Sammy W & Alex E Toolroom, Sleazy G, Bunny Tiger
    will support! thanks!
  • Sammy W & Alex E Toolroom, Sleazy G, Bunny Tiger
  • Sammy W & Alex E Toolroom, Sleazy G, Bunny Tiger
    Good work, guys
  • Pingpong
    Huge EP. "Black Light" is our favorite! Thanks
  • Giom Z Records
    Not for me
  • UGLH Get Physical, Witty Tunes
    Black Light and Orion my fav. thx
  • Lane 8 Anjunadeep
    black light is interesting will try
  • Sergey Sanchez Highway rec. / Propaganda club
    Neonis - Orion is my fav! Thanks.
  • Loverdose Nurvous
    Thanks guys
  • Him_Self_Her Crosstown Rebels, OFF, Cream Couture
    Aftermath and Black Light are both really cool tracks
  • Balcazar & Sordo Get Physical, Hot Waves
    Far Distance for us!
  • Andrey Burtaev Kos.Mos.Music / Electrosoul System
    like neonis - orion
  • Ocean Hypnotic, Typhoon8 Records (Hong Kong)
    Robot on the floor and black night for me, thanks!!
  • Davide,Claudio DZNB
    Great Pack, Search Dip and Neonis tax the picks for us!
  • Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Records
    will give it a proper listen later. thx for sending
  • Echonomist Dessous, Soulfooled
    black light!
    "Far Distance - Black Light" is absolutely gorgeous. 10 points! KEEP IT UP!
  • Tiago Fragateiro Composite, Ovum, Freerange.
    Aftermath yeah!
  • Denis Agamirov Russian World Music (RWM)
  • Anturage Global Underground | Audiomatique | Heinz | Kittball | Definition:Music | Steyoyoke |Traum|
    Great Ep)Thanks
  • Cosmonaut
    good! my support.
  • Monkey Fish Highway Records / Kazantip Music / Akbal Music
    Thanks! NEONIS - ORION (ORIGINAL MIX) for me!
  • Da Lukas Rebirth, Hysterical/Ego, 303Lovers, Nite Groovers/King Street Sound.
    Really cool all tracks.
  • Maertz Konzentrisch Music
    Nice release, thanks so much for sending. Support!!!
  • Boguslavsky
    Solid pack!
    Will play it all!
    Thank you for the music
  • Denite Diynamic, Get Physical, Noir Music
    Great tracks. Black Light for me. Thanks for the Music!
  • Darin Epsilon Perspectives Digital, Sudbeat, Global Underground, microCastle, Hope, Parquet, Selador
    Mattia Pompeo and Far Distance are the ones that stand out here, in my opinion.
  • Kassey Voorn Bedrock, Sudbeat
    Black light is great, thanks
  • Dave Pad Anjunadeep / Highway / Electronique / Plastic City
    Neonis - Orion for me!thanks
  • Dilby Glasgow Underground / Mother Recordings /Bondage Music
    Black Light and Orion are both top tracks. Thx
  • Lorenzo Calvio Moodmusic
    Love the vibes! Support
  • Peter Makto Bondage Music, Cyclic, Heinz Music, Highway Records
    Great VA release ! Orion and Robot on the floor for me.
  • Alex Manucu Fashion TV Romania
    excelent selection!
  • Necto Lucas
    far distance - very romantic ))
  • Rick Maia FACT
    Nice work, thanks!
  • Bronxy ÉTÉ
    Top VA !
  • Sahar Z Lost&Found, sudbeat, bedrock, renaissance, platenbank
    Far & orion for me will try 10xs!
  • Migova Noir Music, Kohdu Records, Brown Eyed Boyz
    Neonis is superbe ! Very good harmonies......
    nice synths
  • Kiko Martinez DocePulgadas
    Downloading for DocePulgadas. Thanks!
  • Sami Wentz Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Noir Music
    i love it
  • Erick Key Highway Records / Dushe / Pleasure Garden Music
    Благодарю за музыку)
  • Wyro
    Robot on the floor and black light are for me, thank you
  • Paskal Daze
    Black Light for me!!
  • Larionov
    Nice pack! Thanks for the music!
  • Max Popov Incepto Deep Rec / Microbios Rec
    great pack!
    my support
  • Toshie NouVal
    Thank You!
  • pasha sigmatic Take Your Deep
    Amazing sampler, thx! Will try few tracks on dancefloore.
  • Mikhail Kobzar Conceptual / Frucht / Raro / minim.all / Krad
  • DJ Alexander Shumov
    search dip & neons 4 me!
  • Javier Benitez From The Other Side
    Aftermath is great one
  • DJ Skif Highway records
  • DJ Skif Highway records
  • DJ Skif Highway records
  • Michael Gaidamaka in-visible
    Robot and Orion - nice )
  • Volodya Borisov Radioteka
    Good job. Thanks!
  • Misha Tune Particles / Minim.all
    Black Light & Orion for me, thx!
  • Alexey Titov
    Neonis - Orion! Nice! Thanks
    Different nice EP!
  • Lunnar Obo&Hobos
    Aftermath for me, Thanks!
  • Guru Guru's Kitchen
    Neonis for me! Thanks!
  • pdq
  • Stas Drive Suara, Selador, Chapter 24, Einmusika, Beatfreak, Microcastle, Sudbeat
    Quality stuff as always on Highway! Will definitely play some from these. Thanks and good luck!
  • Simon Deep
    Tight collection thanks
  • dj sam divine DEFECTED
    Aftermath for me! thank you
  • Igor Malyarevsky IM
    Эс олвайс нот фор диск жокей Сник. Haha

    Nicely done! Black light is good for me, thank you ©  Cookies Policy

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