Milestone Six (Compiled by Mike Spirit & Spieltape) Various Artists
  • Release Date 17 Feb 2017
  • Catalogue HWD74
Doyeq - Imagination (Original Mix)
Neonis - Lexicon (Original Mix)
Sahar Z - Side Caution (Original Mix)
Peter Makto & Gregory S - Aliga (Original Mix)
Anturage & Montechi - Celebration (Original Mix)
Dave Pad - Rotary Body (Wyro Remix)
Modd - Attaxia (Original Mix)
Alexey Emelyanov - The Moment (Original Mix)
Wyro - Blur Mode (Original Mix)
Echonomist - Kubrick Thursdays (Dave Pad Remix)
Datamode - Exaltation (Original Mix)
Monkey Fish - Pink Panther (Original Mix)
  • Marco Carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • LTJ Bukem
    Great comp, most are my favs from you guys over the past couple of years
  • Eelke Kleijn DAYS like NIGHTS
    Couple of great tracks here. Nice work!
  • Eelke Kleijn DAYS like NIGHTS
    Couple of great tracks here. Nice work!
  • LouLou Players LouLou Records / Bunny Tiger / Belgium
    Aliga and Exaltation are the ones for me!
    Thanks a lot for the promo
  • Da Fresh Freshin, Toolroom, 1605, Suara
    Few great tracks ! Support.
  • Just Her Suara
    Love the Sahar Z track
  • Dan Noёl Wavetech Music
    Great V/a thanks a lot for this package.
  • Serge Devant
    lots of fun stuff here
  • Vanilla Ace Toolroom, Club Sweat, Elrow, Nurvous, Box of Cats
    Downloading for VA
  • FreakMe Get Physical Music / Noir Music
    Thanks for the music! :)
  • Spieltape Highway Records
  • Sirus Hood Sola / Dirtybird / Cajual
    download for sirus hood
  • Marc Poppcke Crossfrontier Audio, Last Night On Earth
    Massive compilation! Thanks for sending!
  • Francys Poker Flat, Aeon, Soulfooled
    sarah z and monkey fish's tracks are my choice here!
  • Pingpong
    1st pick "Datamode - Exalation" - marvelous compilation overall !!
  • Balcazar Get Physical, Hot Waves
    Great compilation!
  • Xenia Beliayeva
    Thank you, very nice tracks inside!
  • Iván Micciché Delta FM 90,3
    Cool VA!!
  • Loverdose Nurvous
  • Monkey Fish Highway Records / Kazantip Music / Akbal Music
    Great VA!
  • Anturage Global Underground | Audiomatique | Heinz | Kittball | Definition:Music | Steyoyoke |Traum|
    Thanks guys)
  • Erick Key Highway Records / Dushe / Pleasure Garden Music
    супер, спасибо
  • Lorenzo Calvio Moodmusic
    Amazing compilation. Good work!
  • Bigasti EIN2, Dream Culture, Electronical Reeds
    Awesome VA! Thanks a lot
  • Anjei Thunderlab
    Yummmi yummi!
  • Denis Agamirov Russian World Music (RWM)
    Nice! Downloaded
  • Peter Makto Bondage Music, Cyclic, Heinz Music, Highway Records
    Great compilation, discovered again Sahar Z :)
  • Necto Lucas
    Superb compilation - all da tracks is cool !)))
  • Wyro
    rediscovered Sahar's tune, it's timeless!
  • Boguslavsky
    Great Pack, played most of them in 2016
  • Sami Wentz Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Noir Music
    I like the release, full support :)
  • Driss Skali
    Lots of good traks here !

    Thanks !
  • Melokolektiv Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Highway recordings
    thanks for sharing !
  • Igor Dorohov Acryl music, Farplane, Pesto, UM, Deepology.
    Celebration & Rotary body! Excellent
  • Denite Diynamic, Get Physical, Noir Music
    Very nice release. Neonis and Sahar Z just to name a few. Very nice groove guys!! Good work. Thanks for the Music!
    Check it! Downloaded
  • Veleev
  • Alert RedBar /
  • Mikhail Kobzar Conceptual / Frucht / Raro / minim.all / Krad
  • Lunnar Obo&Hobos
    Great! Thanks
  • Toshie NouVal
  • Andre P Leveldva
    thanks guys!
  • Simon Baring
    This sounds cracking! Looking forward to a proper listen
  • Simon Baring
    Modd Attaxia my fav so far... great energy towards the end...
  • Misha Tune Particles / Minim.all
    Nice Pack!
  • D. Tarasyuk FLOOR GROUP
    Good! Thx.
  • pdq
    thanks. pdq
  • Johny S.
    Great music pack! Thanks!
  • Igor Malyarevsky IM
  • Igor Malyarevsky IM
  • Danila Pautov
  • Stas Drive Suara, Selador, Chapter 24, Einmusika, Beatfreak, Microcastle, Sudbeat
    Thanks for the promo, some of them really works for me, will try on the dancefloor for sure! ©  Cookies Policy

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