A Little More Mine Various Artists
  • Release Date 15 Jul 2016
  • Catalogue HWD66
Volta Cab - The Sea Inside You (Original Mix)
Shyam - Dig It Deeper (Original Mix)
Datamode - Exaltation (Original Mix)
Sergey Sanchez & Thierry Tomas - True Cowboy (Original Mix)
Bebadim - Mommas Dub (Original Mix)
Monkey Fish - Pink Panther (Original Mix)
Dave Pad - The Journey (Original Mix)
Krjuk - Cosmos 08 (Original Mix)
Tantsui - No Mercy (Original Mix)
  • LTJ Bukem
    Loving the Dave Pad piece
  • Marco Carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • Agoria Infine, Innervisions
    Downloaded for Agoria,
    Thanks for the music!
  • Mihai Popoviciu Cyclic, Poker Flat
    dave pad is cool for me!
  • Eelke Kleijn DAYS like NIGHTS
    True Cowboy is cool !
  • Dan Noёl Wavetech Music
    Great EP! Fantastic tracks favorite goes Dave Pad track! Thanks a lot.
  • Dan Noёl Wavetech Music
    Great EP! Thanks a lot for this one! Fantastic track by my mate Dave Pad! Full support!
  • Mike Spirit Highway Records
    long awaited compilation! Monkey Fish, Bebadim, Datamode and Tantsui play a lot
  • Sergey Sanchez Highway rec. / Propaganda club
    Fantastic compilation. Full support.
  • Mirco Violi Hypercolour, Supernature
    Nice tracks
  • Vanilla Ace Toolroom, Club Sweat, Elrow, Nurvous, Box of Cats
    Nice tracks
  • Roberto Palmero Pura Music / Relief / Noir Music /Material
    Nice Music Here i will play thank you
  • Sander Zhukov Megapolis 89,5 FM
    Great! Full support!
  • Giom Z Records
    So me good stuff in there, thank you
  • Marc Poppcke Crossfrontier Audio, Last Night On Earth
    Great compilation of tracks here. Thanks for sending!
  • Ocean Hypnotic, Typhoon8 Records (Hong Kong)
    Nice package!! Thanks
  • Ocean Hypnotic, Typhoon8 Records (Hong Kong)
    Nice Package! Thanks Highway
  • Loverdose Nurvous
  • Eddie Richards
    Downloading, Thanks.
  • Peter Makto Bondage Music, Cyclic, Heinz Music, Highway Records
    Great VA. Dave Pad, Sergey Sanchez & Terry Tomas and Shyam are the bests for me.
  • Migova Noir Music, Kohdu Records, Brown Eyed Boyz
    These two are my pick! Nice smooth grooves. Thanks for the music!
  • Monkey Fish Highway Records / Kazantip Music / Akbal Music
    Full support ! Great VA
  • Talking Props
    Cool VA!Dave Pad is my favourite
  • Anturage Global Underground | Audiomatique | Heinz | Kittball | Definition:Music | Steyoyoke |Traum|
    Сool Traks! Thanks!
  • Sami Wentz Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Noir Music
    downloaded for Sami
  • Ceo Basso Andante Music
    Nice! M Fish for me!!!
  • Erick Key Highway Records / Dushe / Pleasure Garden Music
    отличный релиз! спасибо
  • Boguslavsky robothouse.ru
    Amazing pack!
    Thank you
  • Pathaan Hakkasan
    Thanks. Doing to listen...
  • Dave Pad Anjunadeep / Highway / Electronique / Plastic City
    Nice tracks.full support!thnx
  • Maertz Konzentrisch Music
    Nice music, Dave Pad for me. Thanks!!!
  • Slow Crime Spaghetti Monster
    No Mercy is played thousand times and still is a fav one by Tantsui
  • Wyro wyromusic.com
    Nice one, as usual! Don't want to choose favourites, gonna play like 75% of this release.
    The one by David Pad is strong.
  • Da Lukas Rebirth, Hysterical/Ego, 303Lovers, Nite Groovers/King Street Sound.
    Cool tracks, thanks!
  • Terry Grant
    Dave Pad and Tantsui tracks are ace, thanks.
  • Terry Grant
    Dave Pad and Tantsui tracks are ace, thanks.
  • Dilby Glasgow Underground / Mother Recordings /Bondage Music
    The Cowboy and The Journey are standouts for me. Thx
  • Narada Reshape Agency
    Nice EP!!
    Dave Pad - The Journey def for me:)) thnx
  • Losev PDJTV
    Tantsui это вышак
  • Driss Skali
    Many many good tracks !!

    Thx a lot !
  • Joel Armstrong Moosefly / Connaisseur Rec / SOSO
  • Krasnov
    true cowboy is good
  • Anders Rosengren Traum / Kohdu
    Nice collection, thanks! Especially feeling Dave Pad here.
  • Kev Obrien eyedyllic music / 5 Magazine
    Dave Pad cut is hot... will definitely rock that one, such a tight groove.
  • Denite Diynamic, Get Physical, Noir Music
    Nice tunes. Thanks for the Music.
  • Igor Dorohov Acryl music, Farplane, Pesto, UM, Deepology.
    Lovely tune buy Tantsui ! And of course outstanding vibes by Dave Pad !
  • JCB Raro Music, SQUAT3/4
  • Chris Luzz Little Giant / Stranjjur
    dope compilation of tunes here....digging the volta cab and bebadim tracks the most.
  • Chepaco
    nice on thanks
  • Volodya Borisov Radioteka
    Thank you very much. All tracks are beautiful.
    Dwnd for Radioteka.
  • Alert RedBar / Geometria.ru
    Fantastik, Dwnd for Me & Geometria ;)
  • Mark Say
    Great Compilation!
  • Max Popov Incepto Deep Rec / Microbios Rec
    great pack!
    full support
  • Toshie NouVal
  • Nastia Uvarova
    Nice release, Bebadim is for me
  • DJ Skif Highway records
  • DJ Skif Highway records
  • Shyam Rawax/Simple Things
    Nice compilation, thank you
  • dEEPoint Spektral, Seven Villas
    Dave Pad & Tantsui! Tnx.
  • Lunnar Obo&Hobos
    Dave Pad so groove, Thanks!
  • Alexey Titov
    Dave Pad, Sergey Sanchez & Terry Tomas for me. Thanks!
  • Lil'M & Jok Brock Wild / Incorrect / Defined / King Street Sounds
    Datamode is awesome! Tnx.
  • DP-6
    Support Dave Pad - The Journey. Thanks for the music!
    Nice pack!!
  • pdq
    downloaded for pdq
  • Betelgeize
    True Cowboy works for me!
  • Fedor Gladchuk GES
    true cowboy is bomb!
  • Simon Deep deepsouthaudio.net
    Damn some hot tunes on there .. Datamode .. sexy mofo that just skanks along .. WINNER ! Sergey Sanchez & Thierry Thomas another stand up tune for the floor .. Yeah well you get it .. Great swag of tunes Thanks
  • Igor Malyarevsky IM
    Datamode and Tantsui please. Nicely done, thank you
  • Sergey Mongayt
    Great job! Full support
  • Veronika Fleyta
    like it
  • Stas Drive Suara, Selador, Chapter 24, Einmusika, Beatfreak, Microcastle, Sudbeat
    Very nice comp.; especially Bebadim, Dave Pad and Tantsui sounds hypnotic like i love. Thanks!
  • Danila Pautov
    DATAMODE - EXALTATION is a very nice tune!!!
    SERGEY SANCHEZ & THIERRY TOMAS - TRUE COWBOY is stong in rhythm and drums
    MONKEY FISH - PINK PANTHER kind of darkness :) Liked it very much!
    DAVE PAD - THE JOURNEY light and dancefull tune with a beautifull deep notes inside! GREAT!
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